Object-Oriented Graphics - Book The PROCOL programming language - PhD Thesis Advanced Java - Book My personal website Discussion on pros/cons of visual/text resumes Eclipse FAQs - Book C2J Enterprise Modernization with EGL Rich UI - Talk Quartz Academy - Poster (see slide 22 + 23) Internal project Internal project - Similar to Google Meet Numerous internal tools to improve developer productivity C4E - Book Making sense of complex systems - Live Demo

My Personal Mission Statement

Make Engineers Happy
  • Grow engineers.
  • Increase developer velocity.
  • Provide insights into complex systems.
Drive Innovation
  • Develop game-changing tech.
  • Metrics, profiling, and debugging.
  • Language design and implementation.
Learn by doing
  • Public Speaking.
  • Writing, e.g., books on Java, Eclipse.
  • Teach technology courses.
  • Visualization, e.g., PyAlgoViz and Cacophonia.