Whackamole - a Chrome ad-blocker


Whackamole removes ads from websites.


To control Whackamole, click the icon in the Chrome extension toolbar. Then click on the link shown in the popup window to enable or disable Whackamole for the current site. This is what the popup looks like:


Whackamole never connects to a server and never inspects the data on the sites you visit. Instead, it looks for elements that look like ads and hides them using a set of builtin rules.

If you disable Whackamole for a given site, that site's URL is stored in the local browser history on your machine. Other than that, Whackamole does not store any data, does not analyze your sites, and does not track your browsing behavior at all.


We suggest you take a look at the source code to verify how Whackamole works. The implementation is simple and should be easy to understand. The recipe for the main script covers only 76 lines of JavaScript:

The recipe for the popup script is even simpler:

Happy browsing!